Moved the boats back home

OOps better get a cover on

End of the sailing season now. Louise helped me moved them back from the lake. Two lasers and a battered old Enterprise that I used to sail with my brother and I can’t  bear to part with. There’s a bit of me that feels you should never sell an  instrument or a boat as you never know when your circumstances may change and that instrument just being there or that boat being available might just be the key to making something special happen. So there I am still owning the Taz that I taught my boys to sail in when they were little, as well as the Lasers and the Enterprise and why I was a sucker for Treize, my grandfathers boat when I found her, for sale and looking rather sad in a boatyard in Cornwall. So she’s the next project, hopefully we will get her back on the water if not in 2012 then in 2013 for sure. The dream is that we can all get back on the water together on my grandfather’s boat. Jamie crewed for me in the Waterhead race this year so he’s getting back onto the water. Owen’s got his Day Skipper now, I’m working on my Yachtmaster theory and Grandpa has started Tai Chi lessons which we hope will help him build up his balance so he can be part of this dream too. So that will be four generations of us sailing, starting with my grandfather teaching my father to sail on the south coast between the wars.

Have a look at some photos of Treize on My Grandfather’sBoat, which I will update from time to time.

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1 Response to Moved the boats back home

  1. Mike Curtis says:

    Hi Rose, Mike here got the message regarding Owen’s swim…. will send him some money in due couirse. Love the startys in the background. Am viviting Eastbourne putting some heavy duty decking down on my plot -secong hand scaffolding boards – don’t forget to come visit in your sailing boat!

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