An interesting life is never simple …!


Jammie or what, Owen has a chance to sail to France on this amazing boat. Just finalising details but what a great trip. Oban to Falmouth then over to Les Tonnerres du Brest (Maritime Festival) with an amazing collection of traditional boats. 


Then he has to work his way over to Lisbon to meet Ocean Spirit.

Hence the “life is never simple” blog title….

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Thanks to Architect Your Home

Gotta be in it to win it!

Thanks for the prize, guys, it arrived safely in the post and Jamie is exploring ways to spend it!

Have a look at the website for Architect Your Home
it has some interesting work on it.

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The Jubilee – great little boat from Dream or Two competition runner up

Great shot from the runner up in the Dream or Two Jubilee competition,

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Video Update from Volvo Ocean Race

Highs and lows of the Volvo Ocean Race passing Cape Horn, celebrations for some and decisions to be made for others.

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Nothing is more important than an idea whose time has come.

KONY 2012 by Invisible Children

I was sent a link to this video on Facebook from my friend Pat.

Watch it.  It’s important.

I think it is very powerful.
There are also other views of the issue of course !
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Hoping for some J80 racing this season

Loose some weight and build up my upper body strength?

A challenge before I even get on the water.

But if it means I get to fly a kite on Wairua this season,

then it will all be worth it.

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Owen’s Support Team came through with the goods and more!


Well, the trip is paid for and all thanks to Owen’s Big Chill.

Have a look at the update … and see who won the raffle!

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Cold weather alert – from the met office

Current alert level: Level 3 – Cold Weather Action in one or more regions of England

Issued at: Friday 3 February 2012 at 10:29

There is a 100% probability of severe cold weather/icy conditions/heavy snow between 1000 on Friday and 1000 on Tuesday in parts of England. This weather could increase the health risks to vulnerable patients and disrupt the delivery of services. Please refer to the national Cold Weather Plan and your Trust’s emergency plan for appropriate preventive action.

Remaining cold today and tonight across England. During Saturday and Sunday morning a transition to less cold conditions is expected, especially in western parts.

However, this transition is likely to bring widespread snow to eastern, central and parts of northwestern England, bringing the risk of disruption over the weekend.

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Waiting to hear if Owen’s iPhone has come through surgery …

Well, since it was me who put it through the wash, twice! I thought I would see if I could get it fixed.

My only excuse for it being washed is that it had been at the bottom of his muddy sleeping bag when he came back from an “exped” and I did what all Mum’s do, wash things, not thinking something might be hiding at the bottom. Oops.

Anyway there’s a local business, called the Mobile Man, in the indoor market and he is hopefully fixing it. Giving it a new screen, as it seems to be fine in every other way.

So fingers crossed it will be a repair bill and not a replacement.

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Had a look back at Creating Six – enjoy!

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